Enormous ‘World of Warcraft’ diorama is really big it broke a world report

Gigantic 'World of Warcraft' diorama is so big it broke a world record

Leave it to Blizzard to take probably the most successful and enduring massively multi-player online games and make a record-breaking diorama out of it.

During BlizzCon earlier this weekend, an impressive World of Warcraft diorama was on display, depicting the battle between the Horde and the Connections at Lordaeron City to commemorate the reveal of the next World of Warcraft expansion, Battle with regard to Azeroth.

It’s so huge, it earned a Guinness planet record for largest video game diorama.

The diorama features 10, 000 BlizzCon attendees’ actual World of Warcraft characters, 3D-printed plus painted either blue or reddish to represent the Alliance or even Horde, poised for battle on top of 1, 300 square feet associated with battlefield (to scale).

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