Equifax hackers got 10 million driver’s licenses

Equifax hackers got 10 million driver's licenses

It turns out, we are going to still not done talking about Equifax.  

Sources told the Wsj that last month’s breach affected the driver’s license data of close to 10. 9 million Americans.  

The breach, which was announced September. 7, gave anonymous hackers entry to personal information, including the social security quantities, of 145. 5 million People in america. At the time, the credit reporting agency mentioned that some driver’s licenses had been accessed, but did not disclose the number of.  

Equifax customers provided license information to verify their details in credit-report disputes. The cyber criminals exploited a vulnerability in the argument portal to access the driver’s license info, which can include personal details like its owner’s full name, date associated with birth, home address.

And it gets worse. According to WSJ, Equifax CEO Richard Smith mentioned in congressional hearings that a corporation employee knew of the vulnerability before the breach, but failed to notify other people. The hackers had access to Equifax’s systems for more than four a few months before the company caught wind.  

The information included on a license can help hackers to commit scams, and particularly to verify false identities and create fake IDs.  

To find out how afraid you should be, you are able to contact Equifax to see if your personal data was compromised by the breach. You should be prepared to fork over even more private information.  



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