Equifax may have been hacked again and it’s not really funny anymore

Equifax may have been hacked again and it's not even funny anymore

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Equifax, the credit rating reporting agency that will exposed personal data of almost 150 million people, appears to have been hacked � again.

The (probable) hack was noticed by safety researcher Randy Abrams and very first covered by Ars Technica. While going to Equifax’s website, Abrams noticed that several pages redirect to a site providing a fake, malware-bearing Flash revise.  

Hijacking some pages on the hacked site to target visitors is really a common tactic amongst malicious cyber criminals. Often , you won’t see the malware-infested hyperlinks on every page, and not more than that on the site will indicate that something’s wrong. But click on the link, plus boom â€? your computer is contaminated.  

Abrams was able to reproduce the behaviour several more times, and even had taken a video (below).  

I was unable to reproduce this behaviour in several browsers and from many IP addresses on my pc, and according to Ars Technica, Abrams, too, didn’t see it in latest visits to the site. It’s possible that will Equifax took back control of the website, or that the hackers removed or even changed the malicious code on the website.  

If Equifax’s site really was compromised by hackers, it’s simply adding insult to injury for that thoroughly embarrassed company. The first infringement, announced Sept. 7, allowed cyber criminals to get away with personal information, which includes social security numbers, of 145. 5 million Americans. “We still take numerous steps to review plus enhance our cybersecurity practices, inch interim CEO Paulino do Rego Barros, Jr. said in the authentic press release.  

We’ve contacted Equifax for comment but haven’t however heard from them.  

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