EVENT V computer is a great value along with a raft of bad choices

EVE V computer is a great value and a raft of bad choices

Beware of group-think. It can bring about bad choices and circular judgement. The wisdom of the crowd can certainly help you solve a difficult puzzle, however it won’t necessarily lead to better options or products.

For EVENT, the puzzle was how to build the area Pro-style 2-in-1 computer of their aspirations, while undercutting Microsoft on selling price.

EVE’s team of just simply 8 employees tapped into an area of 1, 000 developers around the world along with a larger EVE community of through 6, 000 members to decide every specification. The result is a solidly-built, eye-catching, and generally performant computer that provides impressive power and battery life in an extraordinarily affordable package.

The EVE V starts in addition base price as the Microsoft Area Pro: $799 for a Core m3 system, but EVE throws within the keyboard and pen, a $228 value. The system I tested has been running an 8th-generation Core i7 brand with 16 GB of RAM MEMORY and a half terabyte hard drive. The list cost is $1, 599. A similarly put together Surface Pro starts at $2, 199, and that’s without the Type Include Keyboard and Surface Pen.

And if price were your own personal only consideration, the EVE Sixth is v would be an all-out winner. A possibility.

Something’s different 

The EVENT V laptop has all the earmarks of a Surface Pro. The skinny HD display, fully adjustable kickstand, detachable keyboard and Bluetooth needle stylus. It runs Windows 10. There exists a plethora of ports: two USB-C ports (two more than the Surface Expert has), two USB-3 ports (one more than the Surface Pro) and, such as the Surface, a micro-SD card port for storage expansion.

The EVE Sixth is v back is a bit of a fingerprint magnets.


It's a little thick and a little heavy.

It’s a little thick and a tiny heavy.

The screen is slightly smaller than the Surface Pro’s, with more unsightly black bezel across the edge, but it’s also increased resolution (2880×1920). There are also HD-capable camcorders on the front and back.

While the Eve V is lacking in the front-facing infrared camera help Windows Hello facial recognition and even authentication, it does have a finger print out reader hidden on the right fringe of the screen that doubles to be a power button. It sits proper above the volume rocker button.

The EVE V has decent speakers and powerful far-field microphones.

The EVE V provides decent speakers and powerful far-field microphones.


It just about all sounds good, but thanks to the typically the brilliant crowd, the Eve Sixth is v features several bizarre design selections that ultimately hobbled this normally decent machine.

As shortly as I picked up the machine, I was astonished by its heft. The pill alone weighs over 2 excess fat. That’s at least a quarter heavier versus the Surface Pro. Even the keyboard is usually considerably heavier than its Style Cover counterpart. In total, it all the actual Eve V a noticeably heavy system than you might expect having an ultra-portable 2-in-1. The extra weight in addition messed with the “lapability” of the program. I worked with the EVE Sixth is v on my lap for a couple of hours and even noticed how the edge of the kickstand was digging uncomfortably into my own legs.

Yes, the keyboard is too thick, but at least you can change the color of the back-lighting.

Yes, its keyboard counterpart is too thick, but at least you may change the color of the back-lighting.


There is good reason for all of this weight. In its wisdom, the EVENT V hive-mind decided it was prepared to add a couple of millimeters here and there (in the display and keyboard) to allow for more battery.  

Before people applaud this foresight, let me inform you that you are not getting an extra day regarding battery life. All that extra weight equates to, could be, a few hours (I got almost 12 hours of battery life with entire screen brightness).

My choice is for ultra portable manufacturers to obtain battery savings though efficient parts and smart programming. If I needed a heavier system with an additional battery life, but some of the Surface GENETICS, I’d switch to the Surface Book 3 (13 or 15-inch). It’s great beast, but at least I have lots of battery life and discrete graphics.

The keyboard is more evidence of typically the sometimes-confounding group-think nature of this product.  

Typing is easy on this keyboard, but let me know if you can find the "Backspace" key.

Typing is easy with this keyboard, but let me know if you can obtain the “Backspace” key.


Generally, I like the keyboard. It has decent take a trip, and though the keystroke feel are mushy, the keys are well chilled. It even has customizable backlights, I can switch between seven diverse color options. However , I instantly noticed that the “V” key is the inverted rectangle and “Backspace” claims, “Oops!” 


I’m just about all for being cheeky, but don’t wreck havoc on my keys unless you don’t assume people to be doing real work towards this system.

The touchpad is usually small , but effective. Despite the larger keyboard, it doesn’t travel in terms of the trackpad on my Surface Expert Type Cover.

My previous complaint about the keyboard is that it will never ably flip around to the back from the display for easy conversion into an instant tablet without detaching from the display screen. That’s just not how these things are meant to work.

Boot me up

While I miss the ability to visit our website and my PC with my experience, the EVE V’s fingerprint f¨¹hler is a decent substitute. It’s slightly hard to find by feel, but the a great deal more I used the computer, the more I managed to get used to putting my finger within the right spot on the side of the computer.

It's hard to spot (and to feel), but there is a fingerprint sensor here

It’s hard to spot (and to feel), but there is a finger print sensor here


Overall, while, the fingerprint reader/power button and even long volume control button proper below it feels a little unfinished. Actually , I’m not a big fan on most of the materials used here. I actually admit. Microsoft’s frequent use of magnesium (mg) has spoiled me. The EVENT V metal chassis doesn’t truly feel great and, oddly, is a finger print magnet.

Aside from these quite a few nits, the EVE V is really a decent Windows 10 System.

Unlike Microsoft, EVE didn't hesitate on the USB-C ports.

Unlike Microsoft, EVE decided not to hesitate on the USB-C ports.


It handled all duties I threw at it i was especially impressed with the responsiveness of the pen and screen communications. The tip of the thin, black needle stylus glides across the screen. Unfortunately, there’s a little more lag between drawing on typically the screen and the digital ink giving up down on the page. From things i can tell, EVE V is not coordinating the Surface Pro’s 20 millisecond dormancy.

I like the feel of the pen (and that it's included in the price), but I wish it held onto the side of the EVE V screen a little more tightly.

I like the feel of the pen (and that it’s included in the price), but If only it held onto the side of typically the EVE V screen a little more closely.

Drawing on the EVE V feels great, though, there is more lag than I found on the Surface Pro.

Drawing around the EVE V feels great, while, there is more lag than I came across on the Surface Pro.

When I was done drawing, I positioned the pen on the right edge from the screen where somewhat weak magnets struggled to hold it in place. Without the flat edge of the Area Pen, the EVE V’s coop appears designed to be lost.

Why buy it

If you would like approximate Surface Pro functionality, a variety of useful ports and can live with typically the tradeoff of weight, polish and even smart feature choices, it’s difficult to acquire a better value that this. I have extended said that it’s time for Microsoft use a decent Surface Pro, Type Include and Surface Pen bundle offer, to which they have responded with unquestionable silence. The EVE V exhibits us what’s possible at a lot more affordable price.

I fully assume EVE V version 2 to increase in all the areas it lags, particularly when they stop listening to the group. I also expect, by then, a response through Microsoft.

EVE Sixth is v Computer

The Good

Excellent value � *********************************) Effective finger print reader � *********************************) Gorgeous screen

The Bad

Materials could be far better � *********************************) Keyboard substitutions not really welcome � *********************************) Too thicker and heavy

The Bottom Line

EVE’s V Computer is a good start taking the affordable Surface Pro-style pc, but the crowd-influenced design and functions are not winning.

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