Final night’s ‘South Park’ episode setup the new ‘Fractured But Whole’ video game

Last night's 'South Park' episode set up the new 'Fractured But Whole' game

Wednesday night’s episode associated with South Park acted as prequel to the upcoming game South Recreation area: The Fractured But Whole, establishing the stage for the absurdity gowns to come on Oct. 17.

In the episode, titled “Franchise Prequel, ” the South Park gang dons their superhero outfits in order to cash-in on the superhero movie/TV craze brought on by Marvel (and implemented up by DC). Their programs are thwarted by Butters great spreading of horrible lies upon Facebook â€? a classic comic guide villain story.

Several items happen throughout the episode. The origin associated with Jimmy’s Flash-esque alter ego, Quick Pass, is revealed. Mark Zuckerberg shows up and pretends to combat people. Butters correctlytates s that will Suicide Squad sucked. Cartman falls a Harvey Weinstein joke. Plus Butters and Vladimir Putin obtain grounded by Butters’s dad intended for spreading misinformation on Facebook.

The superhero gang then explains their extensive plan (devised simply by Cartman) to make a lot of money off of the cross platform superhero franchise:

Not everyone agrees with this, though, and thus the kids split up and begin their own Civil War-esque feud: Coon and Friends vs . the Independence Pals.  

The final picture pulls from the Fractured But Whole trailer from E3, which leads directly into the plot of the game with all the two opposing factions.

We’ll have to wait and find out if Tag Zuckerberg or the Russian government perform into the game itself next week. 3bd9 dccb%2fthumb%2f00001



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