Flow directly from your iPhone to your cochlear implant sound processor with this brand new device and app

Stream directly from your iPhone to your cochlear implant sound processor with this new device and app

Australian company Cochlear has teamed up along with Apple to release the world’s very first cochlear implant sound processor created for iPhone.

The Nucleus seven sound processor will allow users in order to stream sounds directly to their Cochlear implant from their iPhone, iPad plus iPod touch.  

People living with serious to profound hearing loss can listen to music, play games, view Netflix or stream YouTube video clips in high quality, get directions through Maps, or take FaceTime phone calls â€? it’s all streamed straight to the processor.

Users may control the sound processor on their apple iphone using the Nucleus Smart App, which usually monitors the device’s volume, battery power and location with the Find Our Processor feature, in case you (or your own child) has left it on the refrigerator, in the car etc . You can also adapt the mixing ratio on the application so background noise is obstructed out.  

“For individuals with hearing loss we know the ability to speak and hear on their iPhone can be incredibly important, ” said Jesse Menzies, General Manager, Cochlear Quotes and New Zealand.  

“The connectivity, monitoring and accessibility not just helps people with the day to time management of their hearing, but it also allows them to interact with friends, family and technologies to live their life to the maximum. “

Cochlear is also releasing the bimodal version (hearing aid in 1 ear, cochlear implant in the other) which will allow you to control both products, if compatible, with your iPhone, ipad tablet or iPod touch.

The accessibility to the processors will differ from nation to country.  

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