Folks are pissed about ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ loot boxes

People are pissed about 'Star Wars Battlefront II' loot boxes

The Star Wars Battlefront II beta kicked off this weekend together with players discovered a problem: the loot box system is horrible.

Loot boxes in Battlefront II will be how players obtain new expertise and crafting materials to make together with improve weapons, although it takes time of playing to get a single loot box and the items inside will be completely random. Of course , if you want to improve the process to get better stuff, you can always expend real money on loot boxes.

YouTuber AngryJoe posted a video teaching you how terrible this progression strategy is, doing some math to show how long it could take to unlock every gun amongst gamers, as long as there are three weapons for each class in the shipped game (two more than in the beta).

According to AngryJoe’s math, it could take a single player about 3, 600 hours of playing to discover every gun in the game.

That’s ridiculous.

The game is defined like a free-to-play game, meant for online games that typically cover the lack of charge to download with a system in which some players can choose to pay approximately unlock things quicker than non-paying players. Except Battlefront II is often a full-price game, and people expect *multiplayer games like these to have fair progress.

The notion of “paying to win” in *multiplayer video games has long been an idea despised by way of players who want the playing arena to be even to everyone participating in. Players who spend money on loot cardboard boxes in Battlefront II can discover better weapons quicker than those who also don’t, which makes this progression program very similar to a pay-to-win game.

The online game is still in beta so the program may change by the time Battlefront II comes out in November. We can all wish.



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