Ford unveils a new Sports EV idea car at the Tokyo Motor Display

Honda unveils a new Sports EV concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show

Honda’s latest concept vehicle is an all-electric sportster that is designed to bring AI-powered cruising to the freeway.

The automaker showed off the newest Sports EV at the Tokyo Electric motor show after hyping its introduction in a press release.  

Honda did not share any real specs in regards to the Sports EV, but the automaker stated the car shares the same production system and AI tech as the Metropolitan EV concept unveiled last 30 days at the Frankfurt Auto Show. That will model is more than just a forward-looking idea â€? it’s prepped for a full-scale production run in Europe simply by 2019.

Honda’s presentation has been short on details, but the brand new sporty version of the EV appears great. It’s a satisfying mashup associated with old school design in a new college profile, with a promise to give motorists electric power and artificial intelligence technologies, probably for in-car productivity features.  

It’s unclear if the Sports ELECTRONIC VEHICLES concept will offer any autonomous abilities, which Honda has been slow to build up relative to its peers. The auto maker is aiming to build fully self-driving cars by 2025, a few years at the rear of the more common 2021 goal associated with rivals like Ford.  

Honda didn’t provide any details about programs to produce the Sports concept, however, so the design isn’t guaranteed regarding mass production. Since its Metropolitan counterpart uses the same platform and can make an IRL debut, nevertheless , there’s a chance Honda will bring the particular Sports EV to the road at some point in the future too. 978c 2021%2fthumb%2f00001



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