Formal Super Mario cereal is arriving at the U. S. (with amiibo functionality)

Official Super Mario cereal is coming to the U.S. (with amiibo functionality)

Nintendo is teaming up with Kellog’s to create a new food celebrating the release of Super Mario Odyssey. On top of being (hopefully) tasty cereal, it has amiibo efficiency.

The cereal-focused blog Cerealously broke the rumor that a brand new Super Mario cereal was just around the corner to stores, which was confirmed with a regional Kellog’s Twitter account today. But it’s only coming to the usa.  

The cereal box style that has floated around advertises amiibo functionality with Super Mario Odyssey, making this quite an unique breakfast meals.

Later, an image of the food box’s back was posted upon Reddit, showing that cereal-eaters may place a Switch Joy Con to the box to unlock content within Odyssey. Plus there’s a maze plus quiz questions to keep eaters’ interest occupied in the morning (or at night, no matter what floats your boat).

The cereal itself looks pretty much like Lucky Charms, except instead of rainbows and four-leaf clovers the little flavoured marshmallows look like mushrooms and? prevents.

This isn’t the first time Manufacturers has had a cereal created depending on one of its beloved properties. In the last mentioned half of the ’80s, Nintendo collaborated with Ralston Cereals to create Manufacturers Cereal System, which was a single package of cereal containing both Mario- and Zelda-themed cereal. Most recently, Manufacturers and Kellog’s put out a food around the release of Mario Kart 8.



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