GameStop basically just turned itself into a Blockbuster for video games

GameStop basically just turned itself into a Blockbuster for video games

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GameStop has launched an in-store leasing service called PowerPass. Remember Blockbuster Video? It’s like that, except rather than VHS tapes, you’re renting utilized video games.

The only distinction here is, you pay up front. The six-month subscription costs $60, plus allows you to swap games anytime you need, at no additional cost. Nevertheless , you can only have one game examined at a time.

The program will certainly launch during the looming holiday season, along with only the six-month plan available. Which reason for that: At the end of a membership, you’ll be able to choose one game to keep, free of charge.

There’s one more condition that will tacks an additional cost on to the associated with any subscription. Only GameStop’s Power-Up Rewards members can participate, plus joining that service will operate you $14. 99 per year.

Sign-ups for PowerPass begin upon Nov. 19, according to an email through the retailer.

This is an unpredicted play by GameStop, but the seemingly sensible one. As the computer game space continues to shift toward on the internet sales, there’s likely a diminishing secondhand market to go along with it.  

PowerPass may be a good thing for the corporation, but that’s the message between the outlines: GameStop is looking for new ways to profit from its assuredly massive overstock associated with secondhand games. A program like this â€? which, at this point, has the feel of the public beta test â€? may help to shrink that stock whilst creating a new subscription-based source of income.

It might be tempting to compare this particular service to GameFly, but actually, the Blockbuster comparison is more appropriate.

GameFly’s service resembles the first days of Netflix, when you would lease a DVD by mail and maintain it until you posted it back. PowerPass, on the other hand, has more of an old-school movie store vibe: You go to a brick-and-mortar GameStop to pick up and return leased games. 19f4 440d%2fthumb%2f00001



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