Girl reports same dick pic three times, gets 3 different responses through Twitter

Woman reports same dick pic 3 times, gets 3 different responses from Twitter

Social media businesses say they’re taking reports associated with stalking and abusive behaviour with all the utmost seriousness.  

Well, issue report is to be trusted, Twitter nevertheless has a long way to go to make the policy more consistent and effective for users.  

Maura Quint, a contributor for The Brand new Yorker, Death & Taxes as well as other publications, tweeted her frustrating tale of a guy who created 3 different Twitter accounts with the exact same name and pictures with the aim of @-ing and DM-ing her the same cock pic from each account.  

That must be considered abusive conduct on multiple fronts, right?  

But when she reported three accounts to Twitter, she obtained three very different responses:

The first message invited Quint to report “sensitive media” straight from the tweet.  

“We realize you might come across content on Tweets that you find offensive. Twitter customers are free to post content so long as they don’t violate the Terms associated with Service or the Twitter Rules, inch it continued.  

However, when you have a look at the Twitter rules, the particular unsolicited dick pics may come under the “Graphic content” and “Harassment” activities that could lead to the accounts being temporarily locked and/or susceptible to permanent suspension.  

That’s precisely what happened in the second reported situation.  

“We have reviewed the particular account you reported and have secured it because we found this to be in violation of the Twitter Guidelines, ” said Twitter. “If the particular account owner complies with your required actions and stated policies, the particular account will be unlocked. “

All good, then? Well not precisely, because as Quint reported within the third case, Twitter had a significantly different approach with the third accounts which, just to remind you, acquired the same name and pictures as the other people.  

“We reviewed your review carefully and found that there had been no violation of Twitter’s Guidelines regarding abusive behaviour, ” Tweets responded.  

Unsolicited explicit text messages is not a Twitter specific issue. Dating apps are already taking activity over the issue.  

In August, OkCupid wrote a weblog entitled “Because You’re Better Than the Dick Pic” to tackle the sensation.  

The most recent version from the app features a pop-up message which usually warns users they’ll be banned when they send “harassing or unwanted physically explicit messages. “

Two of the very popular dating apps, Tinder plus Bumble, already have anti-nudity clauses within their terms of service.  

Mashable has reached out to Twitter regarding comment.  

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