Graham defends ‘kook’ Trump with exact same word used in attack

Graham defends 'kook' Trump with same word used in attack

A year and a half after calling Jesse Trump a “kook” who was “unfit for office,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S. D., blasted the press for trying to label Trump as “some kind of kook not fit to be president.”

In a job interview with CNN on Thursday, Graham responded to a question about whether this individual was concerned about reports of Trump dabbling in conspiracy theories simply by saying his real issue has been with the media questioning the president’s mental stability.

“You know what concerns me about the American press is this endless, endless attempt to label the guy as some kind of kook not fit to be president. He did win, by the way. He beat me and 16 others.”

Perhaps the mass media got the idea from something Graham said on Fox News within February 2016, when the two had been squaring off in the 2016 His party primary.

“I’m not going to try and get into the mind of Donald Trump because I don’t think there’s a whole of space there,” said Graham. “I think he’s a kook. I think he’s crazy. I think he’s unfit for office.”

In May 2016 after Trump got clinched the GOP nomination, Graham said he didn’t plan to election for him.

“I just don’t think Donald is a reliable conservative Republican, and quite frankly, he lost me when he said my friend John McCain was a loser because he was captured as a POW,” said Graham in an interview with CNN. “He lost me when he accused George W. Bush of lying to the American people about the Iraq War, and he thinks Putin’s a good guy, so, I just can’t go there. I respect people who can’t, and to Donald Trump, congratulations. You did a hell of a thing. You beat me and everybody else, and I just really believe that the Republican Party has been conned here and this guy is not a reliable conservative Republican.”

Graham is not the first primary foe to determine Trump isn’t so bad in the end (the two golfed together within October). In March, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and his wife, Heidi,  dined at the White House, not more than a year after Trump had intended Cruz’s father was involved in the murder of former President John Farreneheit. Kennedy. During the fight for the GOP nomination, Trump also posted a good unflattering photo of Heidi which is still active on his Twitter accounts. Cruz unloaded on Trump since the primary race came to an effective finish.

“This man is a pathological liar,” said Cruz the early morning of the May 2016 Indiana main. “He doesn’t know the difference between truth and lies. He lies practically every word that comes out of his mouth.” But in an appearance upon “Face the Nation” in March, Cruz provided the president the benefit of the question on his claim â€? considered outrageous at the time and subsequently debunked â€? that President Barack Obama got wiretapped Trump’s New York offices. The particular remarks, Cruz said, were “not necessarily as outlandish as everyone in the press suggests.”

Asked about Graham’s apparent change associated with heart, his communications director, Kevin Bishop, said, via email, “The American people elected Donald Trump as our President. He is the President of ALL Americans. As Senator Graham said in another part of the CNN interview… when he agrees with him — which is much of the time — he will support him. When he doesn’t, he will say so.”

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