How to send large files by E-Mail?


Many photos of your travels with a loved one was going to send it to the E-mail accounts are rebelling. The file can not be sent so much together; Because E-mail has become more than a place to be determined for the merger. Frustrations with multiple E-mail without a way to send pictures one after another for a long time now? Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook E-mail as the most popular E-mail services, which usually can not be added to more than 25 mb. Could not send the picture is not static, but now send high-resolution video cameras, how? 25 mb is not possible. However, there are two ways to send large files.

Save the file online

The opportunity to send E-mail providers is large files. Gmail and Yahoo mail services such as Google Drive, Dropbox can be used to attach large files. 25 mb in the file when the message will tell you that if you to attach it to the cloud storage.

File Transfer Site

Yahoo or Gmail but the opportunity to add a lot of large files directly to e-mail service providers have the opportunity to receive direct online storage service. In those cases, you can accept any other transfer services. In these cases, which is the active file or a link to the recipient address. To take down the document from the website.
There are several such services.

These dropsend (, My myairbridge ( and mail files ( significant.


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