I actually finally understand what the iPhone X ‘notch’ is for

I finally understand what the iPhone X 'notch' is for

I had an epiphany the other day.  

I was finalizing my review of LG V30, which may be my third review of the “bezel-less” phone in a row. So that as I struggled to find the words to explain the V30’s design, which is therefore similar to all the other big-screened Android flagships that came out lately, I lastly realized that the iPhone X’s “notch” is not just a good design choice â€? from the necessary one.  

With the particular notch, the iPhone X has 1 extremely important advantage over most other range topping smartphones: It’s different.  

Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t like the particular notch. I’d still prefer the apple iphone X without it â€? the thought of a phone that’s essentially only a screen is so wonderfully futuristic that will I’d be the first in line to purchase one (I’ll actually be the first in-line to buy the iPhone X anyway, yet that’s because it’s kinda our job).  

But in an ocean of Android smartphones with really slim bezels, the iPhone X is going to be immediately recognizable when you pull this out of your pocket. You’ll get the “oohs” and “aahs” and “is that this new one” comments. You’ll get the particular jealous looks. Perhaps this is not las vegas dui attorney, personally, are interested in the iPhone, however the reality is that a lot of people will be purchasing a $999+ phone for the exclusivity. As well as the notch, as odd as it may become, separates the iPhone from every other telephone out there.  

This is why the particular screens on Samsung’s flagship cell phones curve over the edges â€? the design choice that doesn’t actually function any functional purpose (Samsung may say otherwise, but really, this doesn’t).  

The fact that mobile phone makers are trying to make their cell phones stand out from the rest isn’t exactly brand new. In fact , I’m sure a few readers may call me out for stating the most obvious with this text. But the rumors concerning the mythical new iPhone went on for a long time. It was supposed to be, well, just a display screen. No bezels, no notches. The particular pinnacle of Apple’s elegant, basic design. So when the iPhone X was released looking as it does, many (me included) saw the notch being an eyesore. It’s so distracting, therefore clumsy, so un-Apple-like.

And yes, just a few weeks ago, I think that Apple would look to eliminate notch as soon as it can â€? the moment it can find away to for some reason make the speaker and the front digital cameras invisible. Perhaps even in a year’s period. Now, having been swarmed with Google android phones that all have a beautiful, huge, notch-less screen, I don’t think Apple company will remove the notch from the apple iphone X’s successor. The last thing Apple desires to do is drown in an ocean of Androids.  

The final thing Apple wants to do is block in a sea of Androids.  

In fact, it’s the Android telephone makers that have a problem. A few years back, phone designers could at least make use of that home button below the particular screen to make the phone stand out. Since phones are just screens with small bezels, all you’re left along with is the screen (and the phone’s back, but there’s only a lot you can do with the back). And it does not matter if it’s a top-notch (no pun intended) OLED or a lowly LCD: All screens look really, very similar. That joke app, that will adds a software “notch” to your Google android phone? It might not be a joke all things considered.  

The phone is an electricity device, but it’s also a trend. Perhaps we’d all be beloved in blue jeans and dark turtlenecks, but people like to gown differently; they like to make a declaration with the way they look, as well as the smartphone is a big part of that will. Especially if it costs a thousand bucks of more.  

Ultimately, the particular notch might turn out to be the iPhone X’s best feature. It’s so distinct that it will become that one little issue that separates the iPhone owners through owners of, well, all other cell phones. On the iPod, it was the vibrant earphones and cables. On the Apple macbook, it’s the Apple logo on the back again. And on the iPhone, it’s going to be the step.  



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