IKEA and Sonos will collaborate upon ‘home sound experiences’ in 2019

IKEA and Sonos will collaborate on 'home sound experiences' in 2019

IKEA’s furniture might enable you to get to the verge of tears plus obscenity while you attempt to put it with each other â€? but in the future, the merchant could allow you to drown out your challenges with its own high quality sound techniques.  

The Swedish home furnishings huge will team up with audio brand name Sonos to collaborate on brand new home music products, which will most likely look to optimize Sonos’ multi-room sound layouts by including speakers within IKEA’s popular furniture designs.  

The two companies announced their particular plans in a joint press release, yet declined to provide many details about the particular types of products that will come from the particular collaboration. One thing we do know: The particular Sonos-branded products will be a part of the IKEA Home Smart lineup, which furthermore includes furniture with built-in cellular charging mats and smart illumination systems. The company says that the “exploration of sound” is the third part of its smart home ecosystem.

The relationship could help both companies become bigger players in the smart home market without having necessarily creating their own AI systems. Sonos’ new Sonos One loudspeaker works with Amazon’s Alexa and provides Google Assistant next year, while IKEA’s TRÅDFRI smart lighting system is suitable for both smart assistants and Apple’s Home Kit, too.

IKEA is embracing new technologies plus services beyond just wireless getting and smart lightbulbs. The company has been one of the first to release an app making use of Apple’s ARKit when iOS 11 was released in September, and bought online gig economy marketplace TaskRabbit in the same month to strengthen its tech-focused customer service offerings.

The IKEA-Sonos experience will release in IKEA stores starting within 2019, so your relationship squabbles furnishings shopping will have an all-encompassing Sonos soundtrack starting after next year.  

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