Instagram Stories maxes out at 100 posts

Instagram Stories maxes out at 100 posts

Hi, my name is Beam Wong and I have a very, very serious Instagram Stories addiction. There, I stated it. Don’t judge me.

But I’m not your normal junkie. I posted so much upon my IG Stories during my latest vacation in Japan that I out of cash it (well, sort of). Plus boy, was I pissed.

I had this crazy concept of my very first trip to Japan becoming free of social media. I wanted to visit the particular Land of the Rising Sun along with fresh eyes, free of the stress to post anything and really disconnect using this perverse “pics or it did not happen” culture we now live in.

I was on track to invest in no social media as I boarded our flight. I deleted Slack as soon as I was seated. Twitter was following. I’ve long stopped checking Fb (are you still on Facebook? ). And I rarely post anything to Snapchat anymore; I mostly use it in order to message friends.

But I actually couldn’t delete Instagram. If I can only pick one social media platform to utilize forever, it’d be Instagram. I actually created an account on the very first day time it went live in 2010 and am hope I’m there on the final day if it ever closes lower.

Almost as soon as I arrived in Tokyo, my Instagram Tale became a torrent â€? and am mean that â€? of videos.  

I’ve been to other Hard anodized cookware megacities before, but Tokyo has been so different. The people, places, plus sounds. It was all so infectiously wonderful. To the point where I could not resist documenting it all.

I felt compelled to share, share, and promote. And share, share, and share some more.  

By the end of my 1st real day exploring the city, I had developed posted over 100 video clips in order to Instagram Stories. You know how you will find little lines on the top of an individuals story that tells you how many videos are in their IG Story? My own weren’t lines. They were dots. Actually, tiny dots.

Here’s such a typical Instagram Story looks like along with about a dozen or fewer tales:

And here’s what daily of my trip in The japanese looked like:

Dots. Tiny dots.

Dots. Small dots.

I didn’t want these types of “vlogs” or memories to vanish, so I decided to save them in late every day so that I could watch all of them again later.

But after i went back to my Airbnb after an amazing first day out, my heart went under.  

I discovered all of our clips from the first 2-3 hrs in Shinjuku were gone. I actually panicked. I thought it was an irritate. It had to be!

But simply no, it turns out that 100 clips could be the maximum number of clips that can be submitted to Instagram Stories within 24 hours. Post more and it removes the ones from earlier. I actually had to manually tap on our screen and count the number of videos Instagram Stories allowed to figure this particular out.

Instagram has showed Mashable that 100 clips (photos or videos) is indeed the maximum variety of Instagram Stories that can be posted in the past.


People actually joked on Twitter about our Instagram Stories problem:

I lost who knows how many memories â€? the rawest, most genuine 1st thoughts on Japan and the city’s several pachinkos and arcades â€? yet it’s OK. I’ll live.

I realize that I’m in the severe minority where 100 clips just isn’t enough (I don’t share anyplace near this much on a daily basis), but I would like to see the cap improved. It opens up the potential to some actual long-form storytelling or vlogging upon Instagram.

The 15 mere seconds people record here and there everyday accumulates quickly, and at 100 clips, it may total up to about a 25 moment story. I never had a tale longer than about 15 mins, but if I were to guess, I actually probably had over 30 mins worth of  video on that will first day.  

I how to start anyone who posts as much as I do in order to Instagram Stories, and maybe that’s a session in itself. Should I post less? I can, but I could also use Youtube . com for vlogging. YouTube’s great, nevertheless I see how frictionless it is to chain together a daily “vlog” on Instagram, it only makes me desire more from the visual platform.

But maybe I’m asking for excessive. The beauty to Instagram is that it can short and to-the-point and if you’re constantly browsing new content through people you know and don’t know. YouTube’s for longer videos. Instagram’s the ruler of short-form. Different platform for various lengths. It’d just be nice in case Instagram Stories would let me report a little longer. f71c 7854%2fthumb%2f00001



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