Integrating apps, trackers, and cameras directly into parenting

Incorporating apps, trackers, and cameras into parenting

Here’s where the technology comes in: There’s a smartphone incorporation. Parents get real-time safety notifications from the 20 sensors in the seat, in addition to a reminder when the child eventually exceeds it.

When it comes to the particular integration of tech into being a mother, there’s a wide array of available products, devices, and apps that address the real problems and issues parents face every day. From breast pumps that offer regarding your child’s health, smart sleepers that give moms a well-deserved night time to themselves, to a child chair that can hold its own, technology is here now to help moms and transform what looks like to be a parent today.

For moms that need that additional bit of insurance, try MyMedela to get into 24/7 LC â„? *********), the membership that offers an instant video link through a smartphone to a professional lactation consultant any time they need it.   

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