Intel and Warner Bros. are teaming up to build in-cabin entertainment intended for autonomous cars

Intel and Warner Bros. are teaming up to build in-cabin entertainment for autonomous cars

When completely autonomous vehicles finally hit the road, they will turn everyone into a passenger. As a result, we’ll need something to do to be able to pass the time while we’re traveling in our vehicles.

Luckily, Intel and Warner Bros. are right here to help.

Intel and Warner Bros. announced today at the T. A. Auto Show that they’re teaming up to develop in-cabin entertainment encounters for cars of the future.

The two companies will essentially come together to create a new concept vehicle called the AV Entertainment Experience. The vehicle will be the only one of its kind, the specially-tailored vehicle that will be a member from the Intel/Mobileye 100-vehicle testing fleet introduced back in August.

The AUDIO-VIDEO Entertainment Experience will use Warner Bros. properties like Batman and Harry Potter along with cutting-edge technologies to keep passengers occupied during hard disks.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich touted the potential for VR and AR experiences in the vehicle to go along with classical entertainment options like TV plus movies. AR could specifically be taken to open up passengers to marketing opportunities, he wrote, echoing Intel’s June study that outlined any new $7 trillion passenger economic climate once self-driving vehicles become the tradition.  

Intel isn’t the only firm interested in what passengers will do to the time in the autonomous vehicles for the future. Audi’s 25th Hour project researched test subjects in a mockup AUDIO-VIDEO interior to determine how they’ll be almost certainly to spend their self-driven rides.  

Audi’s researchers found that people had been likely to use the extra time for function, not play, so WB plus Intel might have a steep street to convincing future AV bikers to put their laptops down to get into a virtual playground. If the vehicle can become a Batmobile, though, that could be a different story.

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