iOS keyboard glitch keeps some customers from typing vowels

iOS keyboard glitch keeps some users from typing vowels

The iPhone’s keyboard is definitely making life hard on several users.

Image: lili sams/mashable

Apple Messages is one of the iPhone’s great apps, streamlining text messages and producing the iPhone almost impossible to abandon â€? but texting is infuriating in case all the letters don’t actually function.  

We became privy to a brand new iPhone keyboard glitch after a couple of Mashable staffers recently started getting issues with their iPhone keyboards, particularly with vowels. The issue started whenever iOS 11’s predictive text function began to display an odd personality in the place of the letter “I, ” offering up “A[?] rather and autocorrecting within the message industry. The people were running iOS 11. 0. 3 and 11. one, using iPhone 7 and apple iphone 7 Plus devices.  

Image: Emily DeCicco/screenshot

The bug seemed to be covered by MacRumors, but it appears that will my colleagues have even more problems than just the letter “I. “ 

One reported that they were furthermore seeing the glitch with the characters “U” and “O” as well, producing the problem strictly restricted to vowels. In addition they said the letters showed up strangely in iMessage on Mac products, and shared some more screenshots associated with what the glitch looks like when they had with sending a message.  

Image: emily decicco/screenshot

The glitch was not just limited to iMessage, however. Our colleagues shared screenshots of their more and more futile attempts to type out there messages on Facebook Messenger…  

Image: emily decicco/screenshot

… plus Twitter.  

Image: emily decicco/screenshot

MacRumors reported that the glitch could be bypassed by using third-party keyboards or even turning off the predictive text function in the iPhone’s keyboard settings, yet we didn’t get the same outcome when we tested the solutions at Mashable HQ. The glitch continues.  

We reached out to Apple company to get to the bottom of the keyboard problems, but haven’t heard back. Till the bug is patched, my co-workers and all of their friends will have to connect without vowels. f41a afb5%2fthumb%2f00001

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