Is usually Snapchat trolling Apple and Search engines over the burger emoji?

Is Snapchat trolling Apple and Google over the burger emoji?


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Apple and Search engines got hauled over the coals recently for their truly abysmal attempts on assembling burgers—albeit in emoji type.  

But, it looks like Snapchat’s joined in the burger party using their very own contribution to the debate.  

Yes, Snapchat has launched the burger AR lens. And, the burger is actually superior to that of Search engines and Apple. How very disturbing!  

Snapchat confirmed to Mashable how the lens launched this week. Which simply so happened to coincide using the furore over Apple and Google’s burger emoji. Mere coincidence? Or even, straight-up trolling?  

ICYMI, a good almighty row erupted over the weekend regarding the order in which the ingredients are piled in both Apple and Google’s hamburger emoji. Indeed, the rather humorous debate even ensnared the attention associated with Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who else promised to address Google’s emoji like a matter of urgency.

Basically, Google’s burger emoji has the cheese placed underneath the hamburger patty, with the lettuce leaf on top of all other ingredients. But , Apple’s emoji has the cheese firmly planted at the top, with the lettuce underneath the burger. Both these stacking orders were incorrect, for each the people of Twitter. And, since Emojipedia’s Jeremy Burge pointed out, the majority of burger-munching peeps prefer their hamburgers stacked from top-to-bottom in this purchase: lettuce, cheese, then meat.  

Snapchat might not have its own emoji, however it does have AR lenses. And, a great sense of humour, too, it appears. 95f6 8fd2%2fthumb%2f00001

Snapchat’s dancing burger lens has one particular clear advantage over that of Apple company and Google: two burger patties. Somewhat controversially, Snapchat has chosen this order: lettuce, burger, mozzarella cheese, burger. Hmm. If Burge’s analysis into burger preferences is everything to go by: Snapchat might have got it drastically wrong too.  

One person upon Twitter certainly seems to think therefore:

Some have reached the decision, however , is that Snapchat is 100 percent trolling Google and Apple company. Which is a pretty bold move, honestly.  

Nonetheless, there’s something regarding in Snapchat’s burger’s dance goes that screams “I’m taunting a person. ” Oh dear. f41a afb5%2fthumb%2f00001


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