Jesse Karp and all Tumblr employees make use of Gmail instead of Yahoo Mail

David Karp and all Tumblr employees use Gmail instead of Yahoo Mail

Image: thos robinson/Getty Images for WIRED

Did anyone else notice that David Karp’s resignation letter from Tumblr was obviously written in Gmail?

That’s right, Karp, we caught a person. Tumblr’s founder and former TOP DOG doesn’t use Yahoo mail, the particular mail service of Tumblr’s mother or father company.  

Your proof: the e-mail Karp sent to his staff detailing his resignation. The layout, typeface, and interface of his screenshot are clearly that of Google’s e-mail service â€? not Yahoo’s.  

Tumblr did not immediately respond to demands for comment.  

In the letter, Karp states that will “This team and place has been my loved ones and home for most of the adult life. ” Clearly, nevertheless , it hasn’t been the home of their emails correspondence.  

What’s a lot more, Twitter user @caspararemi discovered that Karp’s affinity for Gmail is no key. Apparently, Google Apps service all Tumblr’s staff email accounts.  

While Tumblr’s staff may just be deceitful to their parent company, this most likely reflects more poorly on the high quality of Yahoo Mail than it will anything else.  

In late 2014, a data breach compromised a minimum of 500 million Yahoo user balances (but maybe up to 3 billion). Security aside, even Yahoo’s previous CEO, Marissa Mayer, has pointed out that she may prefer Google’s apps to Yahoo’s. The platform provides problems, and this is just more evidence that it’s on its way out.  

So there you have it, folks. In case you needed any more proof that Googlemail is the way to go, here it is.  

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