Just how Polycom is architecting the meeting room of the future

How Polycom is architecting the conference room of the future

Image: Haley Hamblin/Mashable

The video conference is one of the least-liked parts of modern office culture.

Despite the plethora of movie conferencing services â€? Google Hangouts, BlueJeans, Highfive, Skype, FaceTime, plus dozens more â€? the first a few minutes of every meeting tends to be a series of unprofitable attempts to get everyone’s audio operating correctly. And even when it does, fallen connections, poorly timed muting/unmuting, plus quiet talkers often ruin the particular flow.

The truth is movie conferencing is hard. Layering random web services on top of ad hoc equipment along with users with virtually no training indicates you get a grab-bag of results. Certain there are sleek corporate systems, however cost often puts them from range of most startups.

Will things get better for video meeting? Or will Gen Z have to get used to the facepalm-setups millennials (and others) have endured for years? With this week’s MashTalk, Mary McDowell, the TOP DOG Polycom, whose iconic UFO-shaped speakerphones populate conference rooms worldwide, ties the podcast to talk about the real cause your office is so bad at movie conferencing, the future of meetings, and regardless of whether telepresence robots are a thing.

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