Lamentation mourning festival of joy


The joy of the festival was served. Fireworks across the the night sky were full of fire.The rush came just a killer truck. The festival of joy for all the people in the truck handed sword. The joy of the festival is to a wink-night”night terror”.84 people killed in falls.

Thursday night in the city of Nice France Bastille Day fireworks celebration marking the mourning becomes mourned.At that time, the drive of a heavy truck passed over the crowd at a rapid pace. The leisure near the sea about two kilometers from the beach truck in drag. So far 84 people have been reported killed.

AFP reported that among the people who came to the festival was Robert Holloway. Laboriously thought the crowd to the truck on the fly to cover her mouth to get rid of odds and ends. Holloway said:”It was quite a mess. People are being hurt. Pieces of debris flying around. They had to try to save face.”

An eyewitness commentary,they thought at first that the driver lost control of the truck. Nader called the witness said the truck was on the street.Many people crushed by the truck stopped right in front of me.”

Nader said in broken English,the truck driver looked frightened at that time. A girt was crushed by a truck.A man standing next to me pulled out of her body. In his words, at the time, the driver tried to shoot police. killed him.


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