Large Bob Ross portrait was the accurate star of this LA gaming meeting

Giant Bob Ross portrait was the true star of this LA gaming convention

An impressively gigantic family portrait of Bob Ross loomed more than TwitchCon attendees this past weekend. However unlike Ross’s paintings, this family portrait was made with thousands of beads.

This year’s TwitchCon â€? the particular annual celebration and gathering from the live streaming service Twitch â€? featured a record-breaking portrait from the famous painter, Ross, with among his immaculate landscape paintings. The particular portrait required over 450, 000 Perler beads and took fifty percent a year to put together with the help of 24 individuals, Kotaku reported Monday.

Ross has been an icon of creativeness and positivity for decades, and his PBS show The Joy of Painting has made a bit of a comeback since on-line video streaming became popular. Twitch provides streamed episodes of The Pleasure of Painting since May, rendering the educational painter even more well-known, especially in the gaming community.

The TwitchCon portrait was thought-up simply by Twitch streamer Edward Flabberjackson, who else took put a picture of Greg Ross into Photoshop and transformed it so the colors fit the only real 44 available Perler bead shades, then worked with 23 other people in order to lay out the beads using the image as a reference, he told Kotaku.

Ross also inspired an organization painting at TwitchCon, where countless participants followed along with a painter because they created their own Ross-like landscape works of art.

The magic of Greg Ross lives on.



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