Launching the TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2017 Agenda

Announcing the TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2017 Agenda

TechCrunch Disrupt is returning to Berlin initially since the original Disrupt Europe within 2013. Disrupt Berlin 2017 is among the largest TechCrunch events we’ve kept in Europe and general entrance and exhibitor packages are still obtainable. You’re not going to want to miss this particular.

The show is jam-packed, and just like every Disrupt, the focus is usually on startups and the bleeding advantage of technology. Fourteen startups are usually launching in Startup Battlefield plus hundreds of young companies are exhibiting within Startup Alley. And though spots are usually limited, every Disrupt attendee may participate CrunchMatch, a free program that will connects founders and investors depending on their specific criteria, goals plus interests.

Disrupt Berlin 2017 also features an impressive lineup associated with fireside chats, panels and training courses with icons of the European plus global tech scene.

We’re thrilled to bring accomplished founders plus chief executives to the stage. Among others talking Slack co-founder and CTO California Henderson, ResearchGate co-founder and TOP DOG Ijad Madisch, and ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer are each participating in the fireside chat with a TechCrunch publisher.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses are represented, too. Gavin Wood plus Jutta Steiner of Parity Technologies are usually coming to talk the potential of Ethereum as well as the blockchain. Mona El Isa associated with Melonport and Tim Zagar of Iconomi are discussing their differing assumes crypto digital asset management. Around the final day of Disrupt Bremen, Zoe Adamovicz of Neufund plus Kavita Gupta of ConsenSys Endeavors are participating in a panel upon funding companies through initial gold coin offerings.

Berlin-based Ada Heath just raised $47 million plus co-founder and Chief Medical Official Claire Novorol and AI business owner William Tunstall-Pedoe are taking the phase to discuss AI, heathtech and growing the company to the U. S.

Clue founder and CEO Ida Tin is sitting down for a fireside chat to discuss the growth associated with her company and femtech. We’re also excited to hear her ideas on the exploding Berlin’s tech picture, which will also be discussed on a section with three of Berlin’s best venture capital investors of Tanja Kufner, Christian Nagel of Earlybird Investment capital and Ciarán O’Leary of Blueyard.

And that’s just the begin. There are talks on femtech, Opposition Banks, mobile payments and autonomous driving. There are demos from automatic and mobility companies and sections on investing, raising capital as well as the different European tech scenes.

These topics are not limited to only the massive Disrupt stage. Workshops will certainly let attendees dive deeper and enquire questions to speakers on crucial topics. Look for the announcement of the events in the coming days.

General admission tickets and show packages are still available for purchase. We’re excited to return to Berlin for this display and hope you can make it.

Monday, December 4th

9: 05 AM � 9: 25 AM
Product Launch and Fireside Talk to Ole Harms (MOIA / VW)

9: 25 AM � nine: 45 AM
In Conversation with Ana Izquierdo (Talent Clue), Brynne Kennedy (MOVE Guides) and Alicia Navarro (Skimlinks)

9: 45 AM � 10: 05 AM
Fireside Chat with Cal Henderson (Slack)

10: 05 AM � 10: 25 AM
In Conversation along with Tania Boler (Elvie) and Elina Berglund (Natural Cycles)

10: 25 AM � 10: 55 WAS

10: 55 AM � 11: 15 AM
In Conversation with Jones Korte (AngelPad), Andy McLoughlin (SoftTech VC) and Timo Rein (Pipedrive) 

11: 15 AM â€? 12: 20 PM                    
Startup Battlefield Competitors â€? Session 1                â€? *****************)

12: 20 PM � 12: 40 PM
Fireside Chat with Lucas Vonseiten Cranach (Onefootball)

12: 40 PM � 1: 40 PM

1: 40 EVENING to 2: 40 PM
Startup Battleground Competition � Session 2

2: 40 PM � 3: 00 PM
In Conversation with Jan Hammer (Index Ventures), Martin Mignot (Index Ventures) and Neil Rimer (Index Ventures)

3: 00 PM � several: 20 PM
In Conversation with Mona El Isa (Melonport) and Bernard Zagar (Iconomi)

3: 20 PM � 3: 45 PM

3: 45 EVENING � 3: 55 PM
Founder Stories with Robert Vis (MessageBird)

3: 55 PM � four: 20 PM
In Conversation with Samantha Jerusalmy (Elaia Partners), Frédéric Mazzella (BlaBlaCar) and Mounia Rkha (Isai Ventures)

4: 20 PM â€? 5: 20 PM                          
Startup Battleground Competition â€? Session 3                   â€? *****************)

5: 20 PM � five: 30 PM

8: 00 EVENING � 11: 00 PM
After Party

Tuesday December 5th

9: 05 AM � 9: 25 AM
Fireside Chat with Ida Tin (Clue)

9: 25 AM � 9: 45 AM
In Conversation with Gavin Wooden (Parity Technologies / Polkadot) plus Jutta Steiner (Parity Technologies)

9: 45 AM � 10: 05 AM
Fireside Chat with Stan Boland (FiveAI)

10: 05 AM � 10: 30 AM
In Conversation with Ben Blomfield (Monzo), Valentin Stalf (N26) and Nikolay Storonsky (Revolut)

10: 30 AM � 10: 55 AM
10: 55 AM � 11: 05 AM
Coming soon!

11: 05 AM � 11: 30 AM
In Conversation with Tanja Kufner, Christian Nagel (Earlybird Business Capital) and Ciarán O’Leary (BlueYard Capital)

11: 30 AM � 11: 50 AM
Fireside Chat with Ulrich Spiesshofer (ABB)

11: 50 WAS � 12: 00 PM
Robotics Demonstration with Tom Carter (Ultrahaptics)

12: 00 PM � 1: 00 PM

1: 00 PM � 1: 20 PM
Fireside Chat with Ijad Madisch (ResearchGate)

1: 20 PM � one: 40 PM
In Conversation with Zoe Adamovicz (Neufund) and Kavita Gupta (ConsenSys Ventures)

1: 40 PM � 2: 00 PM
Fireside Chat with Xavier Duportet (Eligo Bioscience)

2: 00 PM � two: 20 PM
In Conversation with Alex Zosel (Volocopter)

2: 20 EVENING � 2: 25 PM
Hackathon Highlights

2: 25 PM � two: 50 PM

2: 50 PM � 3: 05 PM
Startup Battlefield Alumni Update

3: 05 PM � 3: 10 PM
Passing of the Affect Cup

3: 10 PM � 4: 15 PM
Startup Battlefield Last Competition

4: 15 PM � 4: 35 PM
In Conversation along with Claire Novorol and William Tunstall-Pedoe (Ada Health)

4: 35 EVENING � 5: 25 PM
Coming shortly!

5: 25 PM � 5: 50 PM
Startup Battlefield {Clo


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