‘League of Legends’ developers finally obtain serious about making a second game

'League of Legends' developers finally get serious about making a second game

The developers behind League associated with Legends announced that they are working on an entire new game, and this time this looks like they’re pretty serious about this.

Riot Games’ founders Brandon “Ryze” Beck and Marc “Tryndamere” Merrill revealed in a blog post Thurs they’ll be stepping away from the management end of Riot to go back as to what brought League of Legends to our lives in the first place: developing games. Specifically, they will “finally put the ‘s’ in Huge range Games. “

League of Legends launched eight years ago this 30 days and has since grown into a worldwide success, becoming one of the most popular esports in existence. With that growth, Merrill plus Beck noted that they have shifted through developer roles to managerial tasks within Riot but feel comfortable sufficient with the team they’ve brought collectively to jump back into making online games.

Exactly what kind of game the particular team at Riot is producing, nobody knows. The only “game” the particular studio has released since 2009 is last year’s board game Mechs Vs . Minions, which itself is really a spin-off of League of Legends.

In an extensive interview along with Polygon from 2016, Beck guaranteed that he is committed to “putting the particular ‘s’ in Riot Games, inch which itself was a tantalizing declaration over a year ago. But actually that wasn’t the first time those specific words were said â€? Huge range mentioned putting the ‘s’ within Riot Games back in 2014 as well.  

The move of Beck and Merrill back into development appears to solidify that statement this time around, although.

Of course, game growth takes a long time, even when your company employees more than 2, 500 people (to be fair, only a portion of these would actually working on whatever brand new game project is going on behind shut doors), so don’t expect any kind of big announcements in the immediate long term.

The new team consistently in charge of Riot’s operations consists of Dylan Jadeja (CFO), Scott Gelb (CTO), and Nicolo Laurent (president).  


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