Long term iPhones could have screens that collapse in half

Future iPhones could have screens that fold in half

The iPhone X isn’t smooth out yet and there’s already gossip about Apple’s plans for the apple iphone in 2020.

A review from The Bell (via Korea’s The Investor) claims Apple has established a “task force” to create a collapsible screen, possibly for a future apple iphone.

The bendable screen is usually reportedly an OLED screen (the same kind of display technology that will Apple will debut on the apple iphone X).  

The report states LG developed a foldable OLED display prototype years ago and is focusing on improving yield rates.

The first part is certainly true (OLED manufacturers like LG have shown away foldable displays for at least the decade), and a foldable screen is usually every bit as futuristic as it seems. It could mean a phone that can fit in your pocket, but grows open into a larger display whenever unfolded.

It shouldn’t arrive as surprise that Apple’s considering foldable displays. It’s been long-rumored that will Samsung is working on commercializing the phone with a foldable screen, as well as the latest rumors suggest the company can launch it as soon as next year.

Other phone makers like China’s rapidly-growing Oppo are also developing their very own foldable displays.

For argument’s sake, let’s say Apple is taking into consideration foldable iPhones. But how probably is it to really release one? I am extremely skeptical. There are too many problems with a foldable display that avoid add up to a better experience.

  1. A foldable screen would make the iphone more compact, but it would also place a crease in the middle. That’s simply not something Apple Chief Designer Official Jony Ive would OK.

  2. The iPhone X is just releasing and Ive is fully adopting the new notch design. It had taken 10 years for Apple in order to ditch the home button. A new well-known design isn’t going to change that will soon. If anything, all apple iphones will look like the X for the near future.

  3. Apple doesn’t follow styles. Look at OLED displays. Samsung’s experienced them for years, but Apple’s only now putting one in an apple iphone. Samsung may be first to a cell phone with a foldable display, but Apple’s only going to do if it’s much better than a non-bendable display and when the particular technology is mature.

Still, it’s fun to think about. Let the surplus of Photoshopped concepts of a flexible iPhone commence!

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