Lure’s ‘chat stories’ will get you looking forward to Halloween

Lure's 'chat stories' will get you ready for Halloween

The next web page turner you read may not have got anything even close to pages.

At least, if you’re reading upon Lure, a new reading app that will styles its addictive stories straight into “chats” that readers “watch” simply by tapping through the chat. The application added some new spooky tales this week â€? just in time with regard to Halloween.

Lure is a lot like some other “chat fiction”-style apps: all the app’s stories are broken up into bite-sized “chapters” that take only a few moments to read. But instead of reading sentences on a page, stories are organized like an SMS conversation, with the viewer “watching” the chat unfold.  

After each chapter, users need to wait a preset period of time prior to moving onto the next (unless these people pony up a few bucks for the subscription).  

It may sound like just another free-to-play gimmick, but it’s proved to be a fantastic formula with dozens of “chat fiction” style apps topping the App-store charts in the reading section. A comparatively new entrant to the space, Appeal stands out because it offers a curated collection of stories across a number of genres, which includes horror, mystery, comedy, and love.

The stories themselves are mainly geared toward teens and young adults, as well as the reading-disguised-as-text-messaging format has proven extremely addictive for young users that already can’t tear themselves far from their phones. 35de bab2%2fthumb%2f00001

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