Main internet outage hits the Oughout. S.

Major internet outage hits the U.S.

Yes, it’s down.

Image: Michael Bocchieri/Getty Images

No, it’s not simply you.  

Large swaths states are currently experiencing internet connection problems with a number of major ISPs apparently affected. Comcast, Verizon, and AT& T just about all appear to be having issues, with Comcast blaming the outage on an “external network issue. “

This outage falls just after the particular one-year anniversary of a major DDOS attack on Dyn that crippled the internet for a day in Oct of 2016.  

According in order to DownDetector, which tracks internet black outs, Comcast customers are experiencing online connectivity issues in “Mountain View, Colorado, Portland, Chicago, Seattle, New York, Bay area, Houston, Minneapolis, and Boston. “

There are no firm reviews yet as to the cause, although some are actually speculating that it might be some sort of strike.

Meanwhile, Level 3 â€? a significant ISP â€? told Mashable that the “configuration error” caused a 90 minute service disruption.  

“On Monday, Nov. 6, our system experienced a service disruption affecting a few customers with IP-based services, inch wrote the spokesperson via e-mail. “The disruption was caused by a construction error. We know how important these solutions are to our customers. Our professionals were able to restore service within around 90 minutes. “

We’ve provided to Comcast, Verizon, and AT& T, and will update this tale when and if we hear back again.  

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