Manufacturers just filed a trademark for that Game Boy, and we’re discussed

Nintendo just filed a trademark for the Game Boy, and we're hyped

Image: Tsugufumi Matsumoto/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Nintendo appears to be toying with everyone’s emotions yet again, submitting a trademark application that integrated an image of the original Game Young man and igniting a handful of rumors, speculations, and general confusion about what precisely this company is up to.

Last 7 days, a Twitter account that articles Japanese trademark filings alerted the planet to a new trademark application through Nintendo that includes an image of the 1989 Game Boy � as well as the types of goods that the trademark covers, such as clothing, chachkies, and video game gaming systems.

The trademark submitting flew under the radar until Japan news sites like Rocket Information 24 caught wind of it within recent days. According to Rocket Information 24, the name “Game Boy” was not actually part of the trademark filing, yet that image is unmistakable.

As for why Nintendo submitted a trademark application for an picture of a Game Boy, it’s possible that it is merely trying to protect its brand, acquiring the likeness of the Game Young man for official swag and ensuring other companies don’t try to copy the design.

There’s also a probability that Nintendo is planning on launching a new entry in its series of traditional consoles: The Game Boy Classic Release.

The Game Boy turned out one year before the SNES hit shops in Japan in 1990, yet perhaps with the 30th anniversary from the Game Boy coming up in 2019, Nintendo may want to line up a discharge of a Game Boy Classic Release with that momentous occasion.

If Nintendo does take the Classic Release route with the Game Boy, ideally it doesn’t miniaturize it like it do with other consoles. The Game Boy has been small enough as it was, many thanks.

In July, Nintendo submitted a trademark application that integrated an illustration of the Nintendo 64 controller, which could also suggest that the business has a Nintendo 64 Classic Release in the works too.

Nintendo has not yet responded to our request verification of whether this brand is related to a Game Boy Classic Release, but we will update this tale if it does.



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