Mario performs dress-up with Peach’s marriage ceremony costume in ‘Tremendous Mario Odyssey,’ apparently

Mario plays dress-up with Peach's wedding dress in 'Super Mario Odyssey,' apparently

Maybe in an effort to additional distance himself from his former occupation, Mario is ditching these blue-collar overalls for some excessive society frills. Tremendous Mario Odyssey will let Mario put on Peach’s marriage ceremony costume.

On the again of the Wedding ceremony Peach amiibo field, you may briefly see a picture of Mario in Peach’s robe, and he seems good as hell. It is on the 6 minute 30 second mark on this unboxing video if you wish to see it. 

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Or simply peep this handy screenshot:

This is part of a rise in cross-dressing in Nintendo video games, what with Hyperlink donning ladies’s clothes in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. There may be kind of a precedent of Nintendo taking part in with gender roles, from Samus’ well-known reveal as a feminine character within the authentic Metroid, to Birdo, who has a whole part in Wikipedia dedicated to the hypothesis surrounding her gender. 

It might be unfair to assert Nintendo is championing some kind of progressive ideology, and cross-dressing is an advanced, usually misunderstood act and we do not understand how Nintendo will truly deal with it. Both approach, it is cool to see Nintendo earnestly doing these sorts of issues with their characters, since they’re notoriously protecting of their IP.

Significantly, although, Mario seems fucking good in that costume.

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