Marriott’s Slack extension lets you book an area with emoji

Marriott's Slack extension lets you book a room with emoji

The Marriott Hotel on recreation area lane in Westminster, London.

Image: Universal Images Group/REX/Shutterstock

Marriott is using Slack and emoji to generate booking a hotel room as easy as giving the 👍.

The hotel string introduced a new Slack extension that will lets teams browse and guide hotel rooms directly in their chats. Plus, being Slack, of course , there’s a good emoji feature.

Start by giving a city and dates, as well as the extension will surface a handful of choices. Everyone in the chat can then election â€? using Slack’s emoji responses â€? on which option they want. Once the votes are in, you can book the particular winning hotel right in the exact same place.

That may seem excessively simplistic, but if you’ve ever attempted to use the nightmare that is Concur or even other corporate travel software, the thought of simplifying the process down to a few emoji doesn’t actually seem so poor.  

Naturally, the extension is restricted to hotels affiliated with Marriott’s Benefits program, but the company promises the particular Slack tie-in will aways arrive the lowest possible rate.  

Marriott also has the distinction of being the very first hotel chain to have a dedicated Slack experience, though the hotel chain offers previously dabbled in messaging, having a bot for Facebook Messenger plus an iMessage app.  

The extension itself was built with a company called Snaps, which furthermore makes emoji apps for companies (and Kim Kardashian, as it turns out), so it’s not surprising they’d bring a good emoji component to Slack as well.

Unfortunately, Marriott’s voting-by-emoji is limited towards the 👍  â€? at least for now. Yet we can at least hope party bird won’t be far behind.  

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