Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore just buried Home windows Phone… on Twitter

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore just buried Windows Phone...on Twitter

Windows Phone is dead.  

You know this. Microsoft has alerted you in not so many words they wouldn’t be updating the platform, however, many factions held out hope for the reprieve. After all, Microsoft has however to clarify their position in the rumored Surface Phone, which could become a radical update path for the Home windows Phone, and it technically still facilitates Windows 10 Mobile, the heir to Windows Phone (though there is certainly very little hardware). So discover still hope, right?

Nope. None other than long-time Microsoft executive as well as the man who once championed the particular Windows Phone platform, Joe Belfiore, took out a 140-character risk on Sunday and jammed this through Windows mobile’s barely defeating heart.

If you want to fault someone or something for the shipping of this painful news, try Advantage for iOS.  

Last 7 days, Microsoft expanded on its technique of Microsoft Everywhere by providing up a version of its relatively brand new web browser, Microsoft Edge, for iOS and Android. The platform-friendly edition of Edge comes even as Home windows 10 users still haven’t completely accepted Edge as their default internet browser. Yes, most of us still use Stainless- on Windows.

Since the particular announcement, Belfiore, who currently is Microsoft corporate vice president associated with operating systems, has been on Twitter speaking about Windows, and, yes, Advantage fans about the new mobile products. Inevitably, talk turned to Windows Mobile phone.

One Twitter member requested plaintively, “Is it time to keep Windows Mobile platform? “

Aybata was asking a question tens of thousands of Home windows mobile users want answered (even 0. 03% of the estimated two billion smartphone users in the world will be 600, 000).

Belfiore did not try to duck the question. Instead, he or she opened up, on Twitter of all areas, and in a rather un-Microsoft-like fashion.

Sure, he started off slow, streaming the truth with a “Depends: “

But then he reminded Aybata that actually he has given up on Windows Phone and it is now using a different platform (we know from previous reports it’s far an iPhone) and in a way that will mirrors many Windows desktop OPERATING SYSTEM users. (He’s not the only one. )

That prompted one Twitter consumer to remind Belfiore that some people still choose to use Windows Phone. That is when Belfiore dropped the sludge hammer in a pair of tweets that offer a lot more clarity on the situation than coming from ever gotten before from Microsoft’s official channels.

There it is: Building is performed, EOL support is underway.

Perhaps it was the distressed encounter emoji, but something prompted Belfiore to share even more about how hard Microsof company had worked to make Windows Mobile phone and Windows 10 Mobile anything and the rejection they faced.

Belfiore revealing upon Twitter that Microsoft tried spending companies to build apps for the cellular platform is not something you generally hear Microsoft or really any kind of developer admit.

I had been impressed with Belfiore’s transparency, however this being Twitter, some continued the attack.  

Unfazed, Belfiore simply reminded Ingo about the world we really live in:

Microsoft still desires 1 billion Windows 10 customers, but its strategy long ago stopped becoming about Windows Everywhere and has moved forward to Microsoft Everywhere, which is why they have so comfortable porting core applications to other platforms and why Belfiore is so confident debating with Home windows fans on Twitter.

This mobile-first Microsoft Everywhere strategy is exactly what sets Microsoft apart from Apple, which usually still maintains a closed ecosystem along with product parts bolted onto develop a comprehensive and inescapable Apple Entire world.

Microsoft lost the smart phone war so long ago that it does’t even bother to sow the particular seeds of uncertainty on social networking when it comes to its mobile platform’s long term.  

A new (140-character) tone of voice?

Belfiore’s Twitter thread, even though, marks some of Microsoft’s clearest and many illuminating statements on the fate associated with Microsoft’s mobile strategy and should be studied as a signal for all Windows cellular customers when they think about future deployments. Investing too heavily in Home windows on mobile could be a mistake.

I’m thinking of companies like Delta. As a frequent flier, I wonder at how the flight attendants nevertheless use Nokia Lumia 1520 Home windows Phone phablets (they standardized in the platform in 2013) to perform in-flight drink and meal dealings. Pilots, according to a Delta spokesperson, use Surface tablets. On a current flight, I thought I spotted 1 attendant using an iPhone, but that may have been an air-pressure-induced hallucination.

Over the next year or so, Windows Phone’s 0. 03% device market share need to dwindle to none, unless, naturally , Microsoft decides to revive it since Surface Phone, a risky shift that would be the uphill battle to finish all uphill battles.

Microsoft didn’t want to talk about Surface Mobile phone speculation when I contacted them â€? they never do â€? along with a spokesperson had only this to express about Belfiore’s tweets:

We get that a lot of people who have a Home windows 10 device may also have an apple iphone or Android phone and we wish to give them the most seamless experience probable no matter what device they’re carrying. Within the Fall Creators Update, we’re centered on the mobility of experiences plus bringing the benefits of Windows to life throughout devices to enable our customers to make, play and get more done. We are going to continue to support Lumia phones like the Lumia 650, Lumia 950 plus Lumia 950 XL as well as products from our OEM partners.  

Like Joe said, “bug fixes, safety updates, etc . But building brand new features/hw aren’t the focus. “

Thanks, Twitter, for helping clear this particular up.



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