Military coup in Turkey


The government announced the military occupation of part of Turkey.They claimed in a televised statement, a ‘Peace Council'(peace council) have taken control of the country.

Curfew had been imposed martial law in the country and announced the “Peace Council”. According to British media reported on Saturday morning, according to the BBC.

According to the BBC report, Istanbul bridges with other parts of the country have been closed and the aircraft flying low in the sky Ankara. Earlier, Turkish Prime Minister bilnali iyaladrima said, a  part of the illegal Turkish Military operation has started.

He claimed that without the without the consent of the members of the military operation has started. However, it is not a coup. Turkey, he said the government did not change.

However, he later told CNN Mobile, the government has been occupied. He blames the US-Islamic leader phetullaha gulenake.

And the people took to streets to stop the coup, he said.

According to the international world press, the Turkish capital, Ankara, is firing.There are gunfire areas of Istanbul police headquarters.

The tanks have been deployed at the airport in Istanbul.

According to Reuters news agency in an interview with the European Union, it seems that a planned coup. Because they all have an important place. The end does not seem to be very easy.



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