‘Mission Hospital’ is a contemporary tackle the ’90s sport ‘Theme Hospital’

'Project Hospital' is a modern take on the '90s game 'Theme Hospital'

Get able to be hit with the nostalgia stick, as a result of a brand new sport impressed by Theme Hospital is coming.

The indie title, referred to as Mission Hospital, enables you to do plenty of what you liked concerning the Bullfrog Productions sport, together with laying out the hospital, hiring workers, and curing sufferers for revenue.

The brand new sport’s graphics are additionally naturally a step up from the previous ’90s sport, with extra detailed illustrations than the 16-bit Theme Hospital may deal with.

Mission Hospital additionally provides a couple of options that its predecessor did not have, reminiscent of premade hospital layouts, so you may simply leap proper into taking part in physician.  

What’s lacking seems to be Theme Hospital‘s darkish humour. Bear in mind “Bloaty Head” and “Slack Tongue” ailments? 

Bloaty Head was brought on by sniffing cheese and consuming unpurified rainwater, and the treatment was the physician popping the top with a pin, earlier than reinflating it with a pump.

So, as a substitute of those made-up ailments, Mission Hospital guarantees to as a substitute introduce gamers to actual world ailments and their cures, in hopes of truly educating gamers as effectively.

Oxymoron Video games, the studio behind it, relies in Prague, and is product of a gaggle of former AAA-game makers who began up the indie outfit final 12 months.

The sport is slated to launch on Steam in 2018.

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