Motorola mocks Samsung’s ad mocking Apple company

Motorola mocks Samsung's ad mocking Apple

Remember that ad that will Samsung posted earlier this 30 days, mocking the iPhone (and Apple devotees)?

Motorola has posted its very own parody of it, except it goals Samsung.

In Samsung’s advertisement, an iPhone fan is seen “growing up” and moving onto a Samsung, after realising the latest iPhone versions are usually behind the curve upon features.

Motorola’s follow-up accumulates where that ad leaves away from, showing a guy in a similar residence, watching a video on his Samsung Universe Note 8.

Definitely a Samsung Galaxy Take note 8.

His girlfriend looks at the particular Note 8 with disdain, prior to simply taking out her Moto mobile phone with a snap-on projector attachment, plus beaming the same video onto the particular wall, while he looks upon in amazement.

That look

That look

The ad then flashes the particular phrase: “Up-upgrade. “

Motorola’s glowing the light on its Mods â€? modular add-ons that snap on to its Z series phones.

But while Samsung’s message shows the range of features on the devices that have won it followers (such as waterproofing, and the Take note 8’s stylus), the Moto Mods haven’t quite struck a blend with as many smartphone users.

Still, this ad is a lot read more about message than the cringey rap advertisement Motorola produced back in April.

Here’s Samsung’s original for assessment: 3cb1 3a88%2fthumb%2f00001

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