Nintendo fans bid farewell to the Miiverse in hilarious and touching ways

Nintendo fans bid farewell to the Miiverse in hilarious and touching ways

As Nintendo’s social gaming hub, the Miiverse, comes to its end, Nintendo opened up a special board for community members to say goodbye to the Miiverse. The drawings and messages they shared are hilarious, impressive, and touching.

The Miiverse has been home to countless drawings, inane messages, tips, and jokes from Wii U and 3DS owners considering that 2012, but everything is going to be eliminated when it closes in a month. Countless tributes have been posted to the unique Everybody’s Message community board, which includes beautiful drawings, heartfelt messages, plus funny (and sometimes unrelated) farewells.

Here are some of the best content from the board so far.

The heartfelt

For some, the Miiverse was a place to meet new people, chat with close friends, and practice drawing in a mainly supportive environment.  

The beautiful

Some people just love posting their artwork on the Miiverse, plus used those skills they created to bid farewell to their other community members.

The funny

Some individuals were either not big fans from the Miiverse, weren’t so bummed they couldn’t make a joke, or just did not really grasp the concept of the farewell board.

Pour one out for the Miiverse.

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