Obtain custom lighting with this portable, versatile LED noodle light

Get custom lighting with this portable, flexible LED noodle light

Light is like, kind of important. We all don’t give it a second thought if it’s there, but when it’s not and we terribly lack an extra hand to hold our telephone as a flashlight, we’re screwed.

A Kickstarter project wants to make sure that you’ll never go without sufficient light again: meet Luminoodle Task.

This LED light rope go with you anywhere and be hung, connected, dimmed, and bent in whatever ways fit the task at hand. And it also just looks kinda cool.

With three different sizes, the six foot extension cable, plus 3, 600 lumens of organic 5000K light that mimics sunshine, the Luminoodle Task is up to the task. Though it would make an awesome gentle for outdoor parties, it could become a good option for working on a home restoration project outside.

Back the particular Kickstarter campaign and get the early parrot prices here.

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