Online ‘3D posts’ are coming to your own Facebook feed

Interactive '3D posts' are coming to your Facebook feed

Tired to be limited to just text, photos, plus videos when you’re posting to Fb?

Good news! The social media marketing giant just announced “3D Blogposts, ” a new type of News Give food to post that lets people produce 3D objects, then post all of them directly to Facebook. All Facebook customers will be able to view and interact with the particular 3D objects â€? even with no VR headset.

Facebook displayed several examples of 3D posts in its Oculus Connect 4 meeting on Wednesday.

The update will allow developers to create THREE DIMENSIONAL objects in either Oculus Moderate or Facebook Spaces and then discuss them to the News Feed.

For example, you could post a THREE DIMENSIONAL van and then people can turn their phone in different directions to see it from all angles. In addition , you could swipe on things like the particular van’s door to open it.  

It’s a neat gimmick, yet will it have any lasting charm? It really depends on whether developers create things to post to Facebook.  

Honestly, it sounds like a good deal of work just for a single Fb post â€? but it could eventually serve as a neat way for Oculus developers to show off the things they may making. The new type of News Give food to post also has the potential to increase VR’s audience by letting individuals without a headset preview and get some of the latest creations. da19 e661%2fthumb%2f00001



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