Panos Panay on Surface Book 3, USB-C, and other burning questions

Panos Panay on Surface Book 2, USB-C, and other burning questions

No one out of the tech industry wears his or her heart on their sleeve quite like Panos Panay. The Windows Devices mind is sometimes almost overwhelmed by his or her own passion for Microsoft’s Surface items. Panay’s enthusiasm bubbles over, they goes off script, and he often over-shares.

Either all that is true, or maybe Microsoft has never had a savvier solution lead. Whatever the case, Panay’s product celo is infectious and, when he describes why he’s so excited about Microsoft’s new Surface Book 2, you think him.

Panay unveiled both new Surface Book 2 crossbreed laptops, a 13-inch model together with big-rig 15-incher last week at a comparatively low-key event that, while timed as the last Microsoft media get-together before the launch of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Oct. 17), was squarely focused on an introducing the redesigned portables.

Panos Pany tried to keep it chill, but he didn;t spend much time on that stool.

Panos Pany tried to keep it cool off, but he didn; t commit much time on that stool.

Image: lance ulanoff/mashable

“I just want to talk to you about these products,” said Panay with a will. He’d been instructed to keep it low-class, stay seated, and just chat, however as usual, Panay was prowling prior to group of journalists assembled causally with couches, benches, and cushioned seats. Behind him, under fabric, had been the two new laptops.

Microsoft is aggressively pursuing the mobile-workhorse industry that Apple has carved outside.

Panay spoke, as he generally does, with enormous pride concerning the growth of the Surface brand over the last several years and how, in those conception in 2012, the team would concern each other to spot a Surface inside the wild.

“Who can take the first picture?” he appreciated. That first picture turned out to be a good Microsoft employee on an airplane.  

When I sit down with Panay after the launch to talk about his perspective for these Intel quad-core, 8th era Core i-running systems, I also realize that just a week earlier, when I served my Surface Pro on a latest flight to the West Coast, the girl two seats away did the exact same.

Panay smiles and affirms, “It’s indicative now. It’s happening.”

With the Surface brand today more firmly established in consumer’s minds, Microsoft continues to expand pro comp across multiple mobile devices, Surface Notebook computer, Pro, and Book, and on the particular desktop with the Surface Studio. Right now, with the new Book 2, specially the super-sized 15-inch model, Microsoft is usually aggressively pursuing the mobile-workhorse market the fact that Apple has carved out while using 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Devices Panos Panay unveils the new Surface Book 2.

Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Devices Panos Panay unveils the new Surface Publication 2 .

Image: lance ulanoff/mashable

Panay the new $2, 499 15-inch Exterior Book 2 “a beast,” telling us all it’s five times more powerful that the authentic Surface Book, claiming it’s able to pushing a stunning 4. 3 trillion math operations per second.

“No laptop has ever pushed this much computational power in this mobile a format,” said Panay.

He also claimed that the Surface Publication 2 offers 70% more battery-life than a comparable MacBook Pro.  

For all that power, the Surface Book 3, both the 13-inch ( $1, 499) and 15-inch, looks almost the identical as the original 13. 5-inch laptop. Microsof company still puts the core processor chip in the 3: 2 aspect relation screen, which is essentially a touchscreen display tablet that sits on the active fulcrum hinge. The screen (6 million pixels with 260 payment protection insurance on the 15,; 267 ppi around the 13) still detaches with the media of a button and can be used alone or maybe flipped around, reattached, and then flattened down on top of the keyboard to an curved “Studio Mode” for drawing. The keyboard bottom still houses copious amounts of power supply and, in some cases, a discrete N-vidia GPU.

However, as is necessary these days in mobile technology, there is certainly very little about the Surface Book 3 that isn’t new.

The new Surface Book 2 hybrid laptops, which look a lot like the old Surface books.

The new Surface Book 3 hybrid laptops, which look as being similar to the old Surface books.


There are over 1, 000 new parts in Surface Publication 2, Panay tells me later. Perhaps that iconic hinge that lets you make use of one finger to lift the particular substantial screen while keeping the bottom firmly on the table, is all new.  

Earlier that day, Microsoft Style Chief Ralf Groene told me ?nternet site lingered over an exploded watch of the new hinge in the Exterior Book 2 demo room the fact that Microsoft re-engineered the entire hinge together with attachment mechanism.

I realized that when I detached and reattached the particular screen, the operation was less busy and surer. Groene told me that this redesign cut down on screen wobble.

It’s made out of ceramic now, â€? says Panay later. This has the inside benefit of making the Book 2 somewhat lighter.

Microsoft tore down its dynamic fulcrum hinge and re-engineered it.

Microsoft took down its dynamic fulcrum joint and re-engineered it.


“We have to design from inside out; we don’t design from the outside in,” says Panay as technique of explaining why the Surface Book a couple of is not, visually, a new design. They also notes that the design happens to be iconic for customers looking for a certain a higher level performance in a laptop.

And the Book 2 does take those Surface brand performance to some brand new, uncharted places.

A workhorse

This may be the first Intel Quad-Core i7 CPU (8th generation) using a tablet without a fan (13-inch model, only). The tablet lowers passively. Earlier, I noticed a tiny bbq runs the entire outside edge with the tablet.

“When you don’t need a fan, it starts to change a lot of things. One, it takes weight out of the product. Two, passively cooling means you’re not working with any noise, any barriers from a tablet perspective… and you’re burning less battery,” says Panay.

The 15-inch Surface Book 2 is a beast.

The 15-inch Exterior Book 2 is a beast.


Microsoft is promising 17 hours of battery life for the Exterior Book 2 . “I’m using my Book 15-inch,” grins Panay, “I can’t remember that last time I charged it. It’s just crazy and it’s so fun to me right now.”

It sounds a little less ridiculous when you consider this is, in the case of the 15-inch model, a nearly 4. 22-pound laptop computer (the 13-inch weighs 3. 67 pounds). The tablet alone by yourself gets you a still-solid 5 several hours. For comparison, the Surface Pro is 1 . 73 pounds (Core i7 model) and gets you 13 hours of battery life.

If Surface Book 2 users mainly use the product as a tablet, this could be a problem, But Panay describes that the typical Surface Book consumer detaches the screen in fairly short, 20-to-30-minute bursts.  

“Of course, the way we manage battery is, when you’re docked or back plugged into the keyboard, we push the power equally through this [to the screen and base], so it makes it easy to detach whenever you need to and you have power. It works out pretty well for our users,” he says.

Microsoft’s redesign operate extends to the keyboard and mouse.  

“The keyboard has got its own new feel,” says Panay, who features to me about the laptop keyboard’s 1 ) 55 millimeters of travel, (the amount of movement you get when inputting a key), adding that it’s significantly better than the, according to your pet, 0. 55mm of travel that comes with the latest MacBook Pros.

Typing on the Surface Book 2 does feel pretty good.

Typing on the Surface Book 2 truly does feel pretty good.


That satisfying typing feel is a primary result of the Surface Book’s unusual design and style. While the MacBook elegantly squeezes almost all its technology into the base, Microsof company gets to split at least some of that between the base and the 7. 7mm-thick tablet.  

“I will profess to you it’s perfect for the elegant typing experience,” says Panay, warming to his subject, “the buttery smooth feel, the make/break of being productive and typing as fast as you can… and we do a bunch of typing tests.”

Yes, USB-C, finally

There is only one other notable change to the outside of the image surface Book 2: the introduction of an USB-C port (there are also two OBTAINABLE Type-A ports and an Sdcard slot).

Back in May any time Microsoft unveiled its new Exterior Pro and Surface Laptop, Specialists Panay why the company still hadn’t adopted USB-C. Panay said that, “It’s not that it’s not great. It’s not that people don’t use it, but it’s not ready for these products yet. It’s not ready for our customers.” He did add that it would ultimately show up in their products.

And now it has.

OMG, it's got USB-C.

OMG, it’s got USB-C.


The USB-C port replaces the DisplayPort and, as such, is primarily meant to drive an external display.

“What I want to be careful of is, I don’t want to remove the Surface Connector that’s so important to people. That quick charging, that matters,” he says, still trying to qualify the creation of this single port.

Panay admits that the USB-C port doubles to read an external hard drive and, of course, charge the Surface Book 2 .

And yet he hedges once more, trying to warn people off pushing in any random USB-C-based charger.

“You can charge off of it, of course, but that’s not the goal. Because you’re going to find chargers that simply don’t work and that’s not what I want for customers,” he says.

Inside a good beast

The Surface Book a couple of is designed for creators and those who are developing the future, said Panay during the presentation. The Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU backed by 6GB of RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY (in the 13-inch, there’s a good 1050 with 2GB of  video RAM) will support processor-intensive responsibilities like CAD, 3D and video clip rendering.

Inside the Surface Book 2 13-inch's 7.7 mm tablet/screen. They can fit an Intel 8th Gen Quad-Core i7 without a fan.

Inside the Surface Book 2 13-inch’s 7. 7 mm tablet/screen. They will fit an Intel 8th Style Quad-Core i7 without a fan.

Without a CPU and motherboard, there's a lot of room for battery in the Surface Book 2's base.

Without a CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT and motherboard, there’s a lot of room to get battery in the Surface Book 2’s base.

During the particular presentation Panay impishly played a good unfinished Surface Book 2 make a splash video that elegantly, and with massive amounts of exquisite 3D-rendering, demonstrates how a new design came together.  

Later, Panay is still beaming about intending rouge and sharing the video first. “That video you saw, we are pushing renders of that video on this device. Not sure how we’ll talk about that in the future, but it just gives you that essence…We can do our video editing right on the fly. We can recreate that product, rendering the sound and the images. It’s pretty cool.”

When you put an Nvidia GPU in the base, you have to add fans.

When you put a good Nvidia GPU in the base, you must add fans.


That raw power, however , may also enthuse another audience: gamers. Panay the system “amazing for gamers,” telling me in the future that its remarkable to have this type of gaming power in a system that small. “This should look like a massive gaming rig,” he says.

When I tell him that my kid owns one of those huge gaming laptop computers, Panay encourages me to bring property 15-inch review unit I’ll end up and “take it to your boy and let him have at it.”

Which one

Before we finish, I bring Panay back to a question I’m often expected, “Which Surface should I buy?”

Panay breaks it lower:

There’s the Surface Pro, that is all about versatility. So , if you need a good laptop with significant battery life nevertheless that can truly support work on the particular go, this is probably your pick.

Panos Panay broke down Surface buying choices for me.

Panos Panay broke down Exterior buying choices for me.


The Surface Laptop is “a laptop in its truest form,” says Panay, “It’s about beauty and precision design,” and gives, “There are a set of people who want a laptop that’s performant, that’s light enough, that’s thin enough, but must be iconic or beautiful, it has to be.”

The Surface Book a couple of is about pushing performance. It’s definitely for the creative in the 3D manifestation app Maya, the engineer inside CAD.  

To see if the fact that product messaging and reality agree for consumers, Panay spends a long time in Microsoft Stores observing clients who come into buy new systems.

“So, there’s a reality to that moment. Somebody walking in and wanting to buy a product and understand it and the reality to the marketing messages,” he says.

He wishes the product truth, how the Surface senses, what its components can do, to complement the marketing message so that once the customer does arrive in the store, the selection is obvious. 0cea 2fd7%2fthumb%2f00001



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