Pikachu actually SPEAKS in the new Pokémon movie and it’s weird as heck

Pikachu actually SPEAKS in the new Pokémon movie and it's weird as hell

Image: the particular pokemon company

The just words we’ve heard out of Pikachu’s adorable little face were “Pikachu” and some minor variations of it. Till 2017, that is.

Now, evidently, Pikachu speaks full English content, and that’s not OK.

Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! just opened in the West earlier this month within a limited theatrical run, celebrating the particular 20th anniversary of the Pokémon business with a condensed reimagining of the very first 80 episodes of the Pokémon cartoons series.  

To fit in all of the important bits of Ash Ketchum’s trip with his trusty first Pokémon, Pikachu, some things had to be changed or even omitted (including Ash’s best friends Misty and Brock).  

But one of the most alarming addition was Pikachu’s obvious mastery of actual sentences plus, specifically, the English language.

Warning: Spoilers for Pokémon film production company: I Choose You! ahead

In a teary scene, Ash includes a vision after taking a pretty tough hit in saving Pikachu from the fatal attack. He falls towards the ground with Pikachu in his eyesight and asks Pikachu why this never wants to go in a Pokéball.

Pikachu then responds, as well as the crowd in one theater was in shock.

To be fair, Pikachu’s response to Ash is pretty touching, plus probably wouldn’t have the same impact as the little Pokémon saying “Pika pi. “

But it’s nevertheless incredibly unsettling to hear Pikachu talk real words, even if it is just in Ash’s vision.

Outside of this eyesight the only Pokémon to ever talk in any movies or anime shows were some legendary Pokémon, the Slowking, and Team Rocket’s Meowth (who worked really hard to learn the way to speak to impress another Meowth).

Please: Don’t make Pikachu speak like this anymore.

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