‘Pokémon Snap’ lives on through ‘Pokémon Go’ photography contest

'Pokémon Snap' lives on through 'Pokémon Go' photography contest

Pokémon Go players with a knack to get photography have a chance to show off their particular talents in the new Pokémon Go AR Photography Contest, which commences today.

The Pokémon Go AR Photography Contest tasks gamers with taking fantastic pictures associated with Pokémon out in the wild plus posting those photos on Instagram with the hashtag #PokemonGOContest. On April. 25, the 10 best pictures will be selected by Niantic and people players will receive Pokémon Go-related prizes.

“If your AR photo is selected as one of the best 10 submissions, you’ll win the Pokémon Go Prize Pack that contains a Pokémon Go Plus, the poster autographed by the Pokémon Go team, and wireless Bluetooth wireless earbuds, ” the contest rules examine.

It’s been 18 yrs since the photography-based Pokémon Snap sport came out for the Nintendo 64, and haven’t had a decent Pokémon picture-taking game since. Who would’ve suspected that its spiritual predecessor will be an augmented reality photo competition.

To enter the contest, you need to do need to be a resident of a nation where the Pokémon Go has formally been released and you need to be regarded an adult in that country (18 years of age in the U. S. ).

Additionally, photos cannot have others in them, unfortunately, so your beautiful selfie with a doduo in the background will never be considered for the contest.



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