Polaroid’s new $200 Moto Mod transforms your phone into an instant digital camera

Polaroid's new $200 Moto Mod turns your phone into an instant camera

Instagram addicts may have a new reason to give Motorola’s Moto Z another look.

Polaroid and Motorola have teamed up on the new Moto Mod for the industry¡¯s Z series of phones. The Polaroid Insta-Share Printer is an instant digital camera accessory that turns the Moto Z into a tiny photo inkjet printer.  

It clips onto the rear of the phone and connects towards the Moto Z’s camera (the Imod also has a dedicated shutter button to produce snapping photos even easier) to show the phone into a tiny Polaroid digital camera.  

You can also use the item to print out photos you’ve currently taken, like your favorite Instagram photos and other pics you have stored in your phone. Speaking of Instagram, the Polaroid Mod has an accompanying app which will let you add text and filter systems to your pics before you print all of them.

The convenience doesn’t arrive cheap, though. At $199, the particular Polaroid Moto Mod is considerably pricier than Polaroid’s OneStep two camera and other standalone instant digital cameras.  

Though we’ve noted just before that Motorola’s Z line stands apart as one of the best implementations of modular cell phones, many of its Moto Mods, including a mobile projector, Alexa-enabled loudspeaker, and 360-degree camera, require a substantial investment in addition to the price of the phone.

Still, if you have a Moto Z . and love the idea of printing your own photos, it could be worth it to get the Imod so you don’t have to carry around an additional digital camera.

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