‘Portal’ gets a fancy vinyl printing after 10 years

'Portal' gets a fancy vinyl print after 10 years

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The Portal soundtrack is one of the greatest pieces of video game music in recent years and it is finally getting the vinyl treatment.

Celebrating the 10-year anniversary from the release of Portal as a part of Valve’s Orange Box game compilation, Control device teamed up with video game retailer Mondo to release two vinyl versions from the Portal soundtrack.

The initial version will be available online in the form of the 180-gram gray and white vinyl fabric for $30 coming later this particular month. The second version is a bit a lot more special and limited at only one, 000 copies: a 180-gram clear blue and orange pressing limited at MondoCon.

The MondoCon special edition 'Portal' soundtrack vinyl.

The MondoCon special edition ‘Portal’ soundtrack vinyl fabric.

Both versions of the Portal report come in a cool, unique sleeve to fit the puzzle game’s penchant intended for throwing interesting challenges at gamers â€? a magic wallet-style outter that opens from both edges.

The sleeve of the 'Portal' soundtrack vinyl.

The outter of the ‘Portal’ soundtrack vinyl.

The Portal soundtrack is itself a good intriguing and challenging series of tracks that range from ethereal to varied and includes one of the most recognizable computer game credits songs of all time: “Still Well. “

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