Pre-order this SNES-style controller and get this for the holidays

Pre-order this SNES-style controller and get it for the holidays

If the SNES re-releases have been regularly eluding you, then this SNES-like controller will at least give you the really feel of playing retro games when you play modern ones.  

This controller has the look and feel of the control that introduced you to the likes of Punch-Out and Super Mario World. Only this controller can hook up for some of your more modern gaming platforms such as the Nintendo Switch, Windows computer, or even Mac, and Android games. Is actually even got USB connectivity plus motion controls to fit with the more contemporary games.

This SNES-like control costs $49. 99 and is presently only available for pre-order. It will be launched on December 10, just with time to get it as a holiday present for you or your retro game player pals.



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