Premature deaths by the year 2040 will increase air Pollution



Energy production and use around the world, if not a change of strategy by the years 2040 due to premature deaths caused by air pollution will increase. Published on Monday, the International Energy Agency (IEE), the report said.

Air pollution is about 65 million deaths worldwide each year. Fourth position in the list of the most dangerous factors for human health. Air pollution has on the list of high blood pressure, the risk caused by unhealthy diet and smoking.

IEE of fuel and air pollution in the report, uncontrolled and inefficient production and use of energy is one of the main causes of air pollution.

However, if no action is taken to prevent contamination of outdoor air pollution caused by the year 2040 due to the untimely death toll will rise to 45 million, is currently number 30 million.

The number of premature deaths due to air pollution in the home dropped from 35 million to 9 million would IEE’s report. Residents die prematurely due to air pollution in Asia at risk of losing the most. More than 90 percent of air pollution due to the lost souls of the citizens of Asian countries.

By the year 2040 to reduce air pollution throughout the world is talking about. It has also taken several initiatives. However, these initiatives and the initiatives which have been planned to be implemented, but will not change the condition of air pollution thinks IEE authorities.

Greenhouse gas emissions in industrialized countries have started to decline, China has shown signs of declining. Even if this trend continues the reduction would not improve the situation much IEE the report. India, Southeast Asia, and Africa, demand for energy is increasing day by day.



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