Purchase a solar-powered flashlight radio combo

Invest in a solar-powered flashlight radio combo

Perfect for power shutdowns or your “I Am Legend” situations.

Image: Vista shops

Do you have a program in place for an emergency situation? Sadly, we all should. Even if you’ve already been intending to put together an emergency kit yet haven’t quite gotten around in order to doing it, good intentions won’t enable you to get very far in an actual crisis.

Here’s a tip to get started: grab this Emergency Multi-Function Radio stations & Flashlight.  This handy device will check off multiple containers for under $20, and take up minimum space in the meantime. It boasts a stereo that can monitor both AM and FM channels as well as the NOAA 24/7 weather transmit. With solar panels and a built-in hands crank, all the functionality can remain powered self-sufficiently, including its on-ship battery for charging USB products and an LED flashlight that will lasts 100, 000 hours.

You’d never know how much is included in this torch because of how compact it is of them costing only 5 inches long. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to be prepared but won’t want to invest in an apocalypse bunker just yet.  

Buy it right now for $18. 99, which is a high 78% discount off its $89. 95 price tag. Plus, for a restricted time only, enter promo program code SAVE15 at checkout to save an additional 15% on your purchase.


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