Razer Phone specs reveal 120Hz display, huge battery

Razer Phone specs reveal 120Hz screen, huge battery

Razer’s mobile phone is looking pretty impressive.  

New leaks show that the Razer Phone could be the gaming powerhouse coach anyone how to hyped up to be.

The leaks were posted on an UNITED KINGDOM mobile plan reseller’s website, 3-G, and has since been deleted, even though an archived version is available to get into.

According to a screengrab, the particular Razer Phone will have a five. 72 inch, 120Hz IGZO screen, a dual 12 and 13 megapixel wide angle and focus camera, Dolby Atmos sound along with dual front speakers, 4, 000mAh battery and 8GB of RAM MEMORY.

If true, the particular 120Hz display is really impressive, environment the phone apart from most flagships out there, that mostly come with a 60Hz screen.

With twice the renew rate, it means the phone will feel a lot more nimble and reactive � ideal for fast-paced action games.

Here’s the difference between a Samsung S8 flagship at 60Hz on the remaining, and a Japanese phone with a 120Hz display on the right, courtesy of the Reddit user. In the slow movement capture, you can see how the S8’s screen seems to trail behind the customer’s finger movements, compared with the Docomo phone.

As of right now, there’s no way of verifying 3G’s details, but it does match up with an previously leak from another site, Phone Radar, which also likewise stated that the Razer Phone might have a 5. 7 inch display and 8GB of RAM.

The Razer Phone also appears pretty similar to the Nextbit Robin, in the smartphone company that Razer obtained back in January.  

We will not have to wait much longer to find out, in any case. The Razer Phone is anticipated to launch in less than 24 hours, upon Nov. 1 at 1PM PDT.

Razer’s going to IPO, financing future devices

The PC plus peripheral maker’s expansion into the cellular scene is going to be bolstered by a guaranteeing stock market listing. The company has released an initial public offering (IPO) within Hong Kong, with an aim of raising a few $550 million.

If the particular firm does reach its focus on, that would make its CEO plus co-founder Tan Min-Liang an right away billionaire.

Tan revealed within an interview with news outlet The Straits Times earlier this year how the gaming company had sold $1 billion worth of products during the past three years, though the firm also documented a loss of $53 million this season.

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