Razer’s upcoming smartphone’s specs leak, exposing a gaming powerhouse

Razer's upcoming smartphone's specs leak, revealing a gaming powerhouse

Image: razer facebook/screenshot

Razer’s new smartphone is only anticipated to launch on Nov. 1, however the leaks have already begun.

According to Phone Radar, a listing has appeared on GFXBench titled “Razer Phone”, that could just very well function as the phone we’re set to see in the little over two weeks.

According to the listing, the phone will have the 5. 7 inch screen having a 2650 x 1440 resolution, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 64 GB of internal storage â€? all fairly standard stuff for a smartphone, aside from one standout. It’ll also include 8GB of RAM.

Image: gfxbench/screenshot

To put that within perspective, Samsung’s S8+ has 6GB of RAM, and Google -pixel 2 XL was just launched with 4GB of RAM.  

So the upcoming Razer can be a lot more adept at handling large 3D games and multitasking, heading by its specs. This should arrive as no surprise, given Razer’s intend to position its phone as a video gaming powerhouse.

We could also discover aspects of the Nextbit Robin mobile phone incorporated, thanks to Razer’s acquisition of the particular smartphone startup back in January. A few of its hyped features include the capability to manage and offload data within the cloud.

And for those inquisitive to see what the phone will look like, this the tiniest of sneak peeks, thanks to Razer SVP Tom Moss who else had earlier last week tweeted a photograph of him with CEO Bronze Min Liang.  

Look carefully at his pocket.

For now, there’s no way of verifying the particular leaked details, so we’ll simply have to wait till next month.

(H/T: Phone Radar)

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