Reddit user says Pixel 2 came without its Android operating system

Reddit user says Pixel 2 arrived without its Android operating system

Upon booting up a brand new -pixel 2 received in the mail, the dismayed Reddit user says the telephone arrived with no operating system installed.  

Google confirmed with Mashable that this event did, in fact , occur, along with a solution has been reached.

As shown in the image below, on unboxing the device, the brand new Pixel two informed Reddit user MAKES_PEOPLE_MAD it couldn’t “find valid operating system. inch Under normal circumstances, every -pixel is installed with Google’s internationally pervasive Android mobile operating system.  

Mashable was able to reach the Reddit user by e-mail, who stated pressing a “Reboot” option for the phone just led him to the screen below.  

Image: imgur/reddit user makes_people_mad

With simply no operating system to be found, MAKES_PEOPLE_MAD called Search engines, and they asked him to email the Pixel back while saying yes to ship him a new -pixel � presumably with Android software program installed.

“Now my large hope is that it ships today enjoy it says it’s supposed too, inch he told Mashable.  

Initially, he says Google told him it could not expedite shipping, but then evidently relented, along with giving him $25 Google Play Store credit.

This inconvenience apparently didn’t decrease him from abandoning the -pixel 2 altogether. In an emailed declaration sent to Mashable, the phone owner stated:

“I decided to go with a -pixel 2 because I generally don’t buy flagship phones, but my function is very demanding, and I need to be capable to do things like maps, calls, place research and texting all at as soon as. I also thought the Assistant could be helpful [while] driving. ”  

He will almost certainly update the Reddit community if his next -pixel 2 is also missing its software program. This sounds like a rare mishap, even though Google declined to comment more on the event. f71c 7854%2fthumb%2f00001

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